Since 1966 we have looked to the future

Pezzutti was founded in 1966 as a producer of moulds for injection plastic parts and shortly thereafter a plant with the firsts press injection machineries was added to the main mechanical tooling department unit, to produce mainly technical plastic parts and consumer-industrial components.
Complex technical parts and metal-to-plastic conversion parts, using high performance composite engineering plastics, is the production that started in the 70s, with the majority of the moulds designed and manufactured in-house. The specialized in-house mechanical tooling department and the in-house large technical office, played always a strategic role, with increasing experiences that continues to remain an important value for the Customers even today. Since the 70s the complete turn key assemblies service of sophisticated technical parts is offered, with components realized internally.
In the 80s a new plant, dedicated to technical injection components and aesthetical home design products, was added. New industrial sectors like household products and appliances, electric and electronic industry, industrial vacuum/extractor, became regular markets, served even today.
From early 90s the Food Packaging division was added in a new premises, suppling mainly large food multinational companies in Europe with ice cream packaging and packaging for the dairy and fresh food industry. In these years the injection machineries are spanning from 40 to 950 Tons clamping pressure and IML/IMD manufacturing technology is added.
Since 1998 the company is certified ISO9001 and in the same year the cooperation and production for the with the world's largest furniture retailer started. Cooperation that is growing continually since then.
In 1999 Pezzutti started the first tests and production of 100% recycled finished products, pioneering the Circular Economy.
From early 2000s the Home Design market, Retail Ready Products and office seats parts are the newly markets added and served. A second large logistic unit is added to the first one. Certifications like BRC Food Packaging, Ethic are added.
In 2014 Pezzutti became “100% Green Energy” certified: the photovoltaic system, producing > 1.000.000 KWH/year is added to complete the 100% Certified Renewable Source ( Hydroelectric + Photovoltaic ).
In 2015 a large expansion of the main production unit is added to host the new, 100% recycled production area. Specialized injection machineries, developed specifically for 100% recycled production, was added totaling 120 injection press machines, up to 2000 Tons.
In 2018 the newly build 4th plant, based on “Industry 4.0” concept, dedicated mainly to “Retail Ready Products” and to the mass production, started the activity. Today we count on a manufacturing capacity based on over 150 injection press machines, from 10 to 2.000 Tons. The production is supported by a large Quality Department and a highly specialized Engineering Team, available to assisting the Customer in developing tailor-made solutions.