Retail Ready Products

The economy of consumer durables has led to an ever-increasing demand for ready-to-sell products. The ideal packaging for the retail sale of such goods is a ready-to-sell packaging. Pezzutti has decades of experience maturing with major multinational retailers. And has consequently developed the know-how to study the product, packaging and advanced logistics to meet the most sophisticated needs of our partners.
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Pezzutti has been successfully applying IML/IMD technology for over a decade, using labels co-printed with the product. Applied with automated processes on complex shapes for large volumes or even for simple applications, the use of IML is very competitive and qualitatively superior to other technologies.
Pezzutti studies with the Customer the best packaging solution.
Thanks to an integrated information system, Pezzutti carries out an advanced control in the various phases of business processes, from order management, to production, storage and to distribution.
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