100% r-PET

Sustainability is an increasingly requested approach because companies and consumers, like us, believe in the conservation of resources. We have chosen to commit ourselves to a clean future and to follow policies oriented to environmental, social and economic sustainability: we aim to implement the circular economy.

The creation of "green products" is a primary objective for the company: " In our factories we also produce products using 100% r-PET, a recycled PET obtained from the processing of bottles, available thanks to separate waste collection.

The Process starts from flaking and the subsequent further processing of the material with a line for specific and dedicated injection molding, from which a high quality product is obtained, made of 100% recycled material.
The process is characterized by attention to natural resources, to the saving of raw materials and energy, which in the Pezzutti plants is produced from renewable sources. The energy consumption of the plants is constantly monitored and optimized, also because the reduction of the environmental impact is fundamental for some Customers who have taken the importance also for the final consumer.

In 2015, 5% of the requirements were met by the photovoltaic plant, while the rest was supplied by hydroelectric plants. For the cooling of the plants one million cubic meters of spring water is used, which is returned to the environment unaltered without ever coming into contact with pollutants.

Through these production systems, Pezzutti confirms itself among the most virtuous in the sector, among the very few to have the BRC certification that enables exports to the rigid Anglo-Saxon food market. Sustainability is once again the watchword, the perfect expression of our vision in the medium-long term of the circular economy linked to the competitiveness required by the market.